The database of PADD contains letters, manuscripts and documents about the history of psychoanalysis and currently holds more than 8,000 entries. Certain documents are also available as digital scans.

Leupold-Löwenthal, Harald


, B-630, photography, paper
, B-631, photography, paper
, B-662, photography, paper
, B-2285-ID, photography
B-2300-ID, photography
B-2301-ID, photography
B-2302-ID, photography
, B-2304-ID, photography
B-2305-ID, photography
B-2306-ID, photography
B-2307-ID, photography
B-2308-ID, photography
, B-2279-ID, photography
B-2278-ID, photography
B-2295/8, photography
B-2546/7, photography
B-2546/1, photography
B-2546/2, photography
B-2546/3, photography
B-2546/4, photography
B-2546/5, photography
B-2546, photography
B-2547/17, photography
B-2555, photography
B-2556, photography
B-2557, photography
B-2559, photography
B-2560, photography
B-2561, photography
B-2562, photography
B-2564, photography
B-2569, photography
B-2570, photography
B-2572, photography
B-2576, photography
B-2577, photography
B-2579-ID, photography
B-2581/1-ID, photography
B-2588-ID, photography
B-2585-ID, photography
B-2590-ID, photography
B-2593, photography
B-2594, photography
B-2595-ID, photography
B-2606-ID, photography
B-2604-ID, photography
B-2605-ID, photography
B-2608-ID, photography
B-2615-ID, photography
B-2664, photography
B-2665-ID, photography
B-2666-ID, photography
B-2674-ID, photography
B-2677-ID, photography
B-2722-ID, photography
B-2581-ID, photography
B-2733-ID, photography
B-2730-ID, photography
B-2731-ID, photography
B-2734-ID, photography
B-2725-ID, photography
B-2739-ID, photography
B-2741-ID, photography
B-2743-ID, photography
B-2744-ID, photography
B-2745-ID, photography
B-2746-ID, photography
B-2753-ID, photography
B-2754, photography
B-2757-ID, photography
B-2758-ID, photography
B-2802-ID, photography
B-2743, photography
, B-254, photography, paper
I-45, document, audio
I-40, document, audio
I-40d, document, audio
35/89, letter, paper
35/87, document, paper

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