The database of PADD contains letters, manuscripts and documents about the history of psychoanalysis and currently holds more than 8,000 entries. Certain documents are also available as digital scans.

Rosanes, Ignaz


, B-631, photography, paper
2 Photos, eyeglasses, magnifying-glass, pen and some autographs of Sigmund Freud, presentation in a vitrine, Sigmund Freud-Museum, B-2355, photography
B-2278-ID, photography
B-2306-ID, photography
B-2300-ID, photography
B-2298-ID, photography
Erhard Busek sitting in the audience at a lecture in Sigmund Freud Museum (?), 1991, B-2298-ID, photography
, B-2279-ID, photography
B-1089/1, photography
B-2307-ID, photography
, B-967/1, photography
, B-630, photography, paper
, B-2304-ID, photography
B-2671-ID, photography
Photos of Otto Friedmann Kernbergs lecture, 1990-5-7, B-2305-ID, photography
B-2303-ID, photography
Photo, Harald Leupold-Löwenthal, reciting on speakes desk, in Sigmund-Freud-Museum Vienna (in front of a door), 1991, B-2279-ID, photography
Photo, montage: tympanonplayer, male genital, egyptian relif and two other antiquities, B-2359, photography
Photo, montage: egyptian dog, Sigmund Freuds "Selbstdarstellung" and an autograph, B-2356, photography
Photos of Janine Chasseguet-Smirgels lecture, B-2300-ID, photography
B-2301-ID, photography
B-2356, photography
B-2355, photography
B-2299-ID, photography
Photos of Riccardo Rudolf Ekstein, his Frau (?), Ernst Federn and Hilde Federn, Steiners lectures in the large ceremonial hall of Vienna University, 1991, B-2301/1, photography
Photos of the celebration of Huvert Pfochs 70th birthday, B-2302-ID, photography
Photos of Riccardo Steiners lectures in the large ceremonial hall of Vienna University, 1991, B-2301-ID, photography
Photos of Sylvia Zwettler-Ottes lecture in the old city hall: "The image Narcism in ancient mythology", B-2304-ID, photography
Photos of the lecture "Rudolf Urbantschitsch and Psychoanalysis" by Helmut Gröger, B-2299, photography
Photos of the 8th analytical saturday: "Introduction of Czech Psychoanalysis", B-2303-ID, photography
Photos of the opening of the library in Sigmund Freud Museums Vienna, 1991-01-29, B-2308-ID, photography
B-2359, photography
Photo, Harald Leupold-Löwenthal, speaking and gesticulating, in Sigmund-Freud-Museum Vienna (in front of a door), 1991, B-2278-ID, photography
B-2308-ID, photography
B-2357, photography
B-2302-ID, photography
Photo, montage: antique bowl, "Sigmund Freud, Die endliche und die unendliche Analyse, in: Internationale Zeitschrift für Psychoanalyse XXIII (1937)" (coverpage), "Thomas Mann, Freud und die Zukunft" (coverpage), B-2358, photography
, B-946/1, photography
, B-1070/1/1, photography
Photos of Jisef Sajners lecture: "Freud and his homeland", 1990-3-15, B-2307-ID, photography
, B-922-ID, photography, paper
B-2301/1, photography
Photos of Claudio Magris Sigmund Freud Lecture: "Who's on the other side? The question of the border", B-2306-ID, photography
B-2305-ID, photography

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